How We Frame

Picture Framing Consulting

At The Framing Centre, it is important to us that we provide you with the very best service when we assist you in the custom framing of your artwork. All our consultants have many years of framing experience behind them, and thus are able to give you the very best advice making the overall framing experience informative and enjoyable.

Our consultants have thorough knowledge of the over 700 frames and 100 mount board samples that you can choose from. Their experience enables them to advise you on which type of framing lends itself best to your artwork or print, whether mount boards are suitable, giving all possible options on frames, as well which glass type is most practical.
Should you so require we will even visit you at your residence or business to help you in every aspect of your framing requirements.

As The Framing Centre owner Mike Heath says, “Anyone can frame, but not everyone knows how to frame well!”

Picture Frames (Mouldings)

Everything that comes into The Framing Centre for framing needs something different, unique or special to make it pleasing on the eye and enhance the piece you are framing. That is why we have over 700 frame samples for you to choose from, supplied by 6 frame manufacturers. We stock both wood and synthetic frames, with a large variety of styles, profiles, widths and colours to suit every customer. You could choose from a beautiful gilded ornate gold frame for an Olde Masters artwork or dining room mirror, to a black and white modern look frame and mount board combination for a favourite poster or print.

All frames are cut and joined using state of the equipment, by staff that have years of experience in the framing industry. This ensures you the perfect finish and longevity of your framing.

Mount boards

Mount boards are the “border” that is around your artwork thus occupying the space between your frame and your artwork. These come in a variety of colours, and more than one can be used on each piece being framed. All our mount boards are precision cut by highly experienced staff using specialized equipment. Each is cut with a 45° beveled inward angle so as to pull your eye into the artwork.

Conservation Framing

This form of framing is specialized framing used particularly for valuable, very old and delicate artworks. Conservation mount and backing boards are 99% acid free, and are used to preserve the valuable artwork. Over time, valuable pieces can deteriorate and therefore devalue if not framed correctly, as air, dust, mould, damp and even small insects affect them. Apart from the correct frame and mount boards, sealing and closing of the reverse of the framing is highly important to ensure a tight seal of closure and protection around the artwork for longevity. At The Framing Centre we pride ourselves in having the experienced consultants and factory staff to be able to do this specialized framing.


It is important to be advised of the correct type of glass to use when framing. For example, clear glass would be most suited to a watercolour that has two or three mount boards surrounding it, while non-reflective glass would be suitable for a print that would be hung in area where there is heavy sunlight or office lighting. Oil artworks generally do not require glass as this type of artwork needs to ‘breathe’. It is also important that the glass be fitted correctly ensuring that the glass is protecting the artwork from dust and insects getting into the framed artwork and thus damaging the artwork.